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Karino Lifestyle Estate Phase 1

Country: South Africa
Province: Mpumalanga
City or Town: Karino
Project Date: 2009 to Current
Project Value: R 500 000 000
Client Name: Southnet Draco Pty Ltd
This project involves the complete establishment of a low to medium cost township on what used to be a citrus farmlands.
Uniquely, in that it is completely privately financed, the undertaking will eventually see the construction of some 4000 houses, together with the associated bulk and internal services, to help cater for the large shortage in low cost accommodation in South Africa. The first phase of the project will be for the construction of 1350 houses which will be constructed in stages.
The first stage of phase 1 of the project consisted of the construction of 144 houses, varying in size from 45m2 to 65m2 and 6 blocks with 28 sectional title units in each block. The financial model for the project required that the first phase of houses be constructed concurrently with the bulk services and the internal services infrastructure.

Water Treatment Plant:
The first phase of the new Water Purification Works has been constructed on a part of the development, adjacent to the Crocodile River. This comprises a raw water pump station and High lift pump station with a capacity of 20Ml/day and the first module of the water treatment works which will have a capacity of 2Ml/day which is the requirement for the first 1350 residences.
The plant has been designed to be expanded as the development grows. The Water Purification Works will be a regional works and is therefore designed to an ultimate capacity of approx. 20 Ml to provide for the region.
The operation of the plant is fully automated and the can be remotely monitored by means of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer system.
The clean water is pumped 650m from the water treatment plant to a 6Ml reservoir constructed on a kopje next to the development.

Sewage pump station:
The first phase of the development saw the construction of a bulk sewage pump station and a 4km long, 160mm diameter pump line to the existing bulk sewer in the neighbouring Tekwane South. The sewage gravitates from here to the Kanyamazane sewer treatment works. This phase will be adequate for the first 1000 residences.
The next phase will require the upgrading of the existing Tekwane-Kanyamazane gravity line by providing an additional 525mm pipe and the construction of an additional 200mm pump line from the Karino pump station to Tekwane.

Internal Infrastructure and houses:
A traditional house design with plastered masonry with concrete roof tiles was implemented to satisfy the local market expectations. Internal roads, electricity, sewer and water services of a high standard were constructed to stay in keeping with the high quality of the houses.

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